DevOps Online Training

Duration2 Months
Mode of TrainingOnline
DevOps Introduction

DevOps refers to an organization's mix of tools and practices, which is targeted at increasing applications, software and service delivery. The model incorporates the application development and information technology operations teams together to work as one synchronized unit. This is also where the DevOps name is derived from. Through the application development lifecycle, therefore, the teams can function in a way that promotes fast and easy development, security and quality assurance.

DevOps limits downtime that would normally occur through the phases of each stage of the application's lifecycle, such for instance between development and testing. More so, using numerous DevOps tools, the teams can automate processes that would normally be manual, which increases efficiency and cuts down on time and resources used through the development process.

The DevOps Online Training Program Visualpath will offer you an in-depth understanding of numerous DevOps equipment inclusive of Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes and Nagios. This training is completely arms-on and designed in a manner that will help you turn out to be an avowed practitioner through fine practices in non-stop development, non-stop trying out, Configuration control, and non-stop Integration, and in the end, continuous tracking of software throughout its improvement existence cycle.

Pre Requisites to learn DevOps