Go Programming Language Training

Duration30 Days
Mode of TrainingOnline

Go, often referred to as GOLang Training is a statically typed programming language designed for simplicity, efficiency, and readability. Developed by Google in 2007 and officially released in 2009, Go was created to address common challenges faced in large-scale software development while maintaining a straightforward and concise syntax. Key features of Go include a garbage collector for automatic memory management, built-in support for concurrent programming with goroutines and channels, and a focus on fast compilation. Go also emphasizes a clean and minimalist design, avoiding unnecessary complexity in both language features and the overall programming environment.

Why Visualpath?
    →We Offer Real-time Project explanation.
    →1:1 System Based Training
    →Technical Assistance even after Course Completion
    →Backup Classes
    →Career Guidance
    →Mock Interviews and Exams Conducted