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About the Program

From Zero to Hero in DevOps.
This DevOps course is for anyone who wants to Learn DevOps from complete scratch.
This course starts from very basics and slowly progresses towards very advanced subjects in DevOps.
You are going to learn the latest and greatest automation tools & techniques. To make this more real-time you are going to do the majority of your practices on AWS Cloud.
This course will also train you on AWS Cloud Computing skills for real-time. Along with the DevOps course we have tied up DevOps Projects which will help you master your DevOps Skills.
DevOps projects will give you real-life challenges.
So you can confidently attend DevOps Interviews and project meetings.
This is the one and only such DevOps course in the world.

What will I learn?
  • Section0: Introduction
  • Section1: VM Setup
  • Section2: Linux
  • Section3: Vagrant & Linux Servers
  • Section4: VProfile Project Setup
  • Section5: Bash Script
  • Section6: Networking
  • Section7: AWS Part -1
  • Section8: Aws Cloud For Project Set Up lift & shift
  • Section9: Re-Architecting Web App on AWS Cloud [PAAS & SAAS]
  • Section10: Git
  • Section11: Maven
  • Section12: Continuous Integration/Delivery with Jenkins
  • Section13: Continuous Integration Using Jenkins, Nexus, Sonarqube & Slack
  • Section14: Python
  • Section15: Ansible
  • Section16: Continuous Delivery And Configuration Management [Jenkins plus Ansible]
  • Section17: AWS Part 2
  • Section18: AWS Project CICD
  • Section19: Docker
  • Section20: Kubernetes
  • Section21: Java App Deployment on Kubernetes Cluster
  • Section22: Terraform Tutorials
  • Section23: Cloudformation Tutorials
About the Trainer

Imran has been working as a Consultant and Architect for quite a long time. He has designed and implemented some of the most complex and mission-critical Continuous Delivery solutions. Imran has worked his way from System Admin, all the way up to DevOps consultant for designing resilient, high performance, and secured solutions, as well as training people about building and managing such solutions.

20 DevOps Projects and 50+ DevOps Tools with this Enrollment

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