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Shellscript Training

Visualpath institute offers Best Shell Scripting training Institute in Hyderabad by qualified industry experts and the Shell Scripting Training Institute is well prepared with advanced labs. Instructors working in Shell Scripting for more than 10 years are properly chosen to conduct high quality Shell Scripting Training so that the students can gain from real time scenarios. Visualpath famous as the top Shell Scripting Training Institute in Hyderabad.
Visualpath Institute gives Class room, online, Weekend classes and Fast track training course for Shell Scripting Training in Hyderabad. Students have the choice to choose the course timings based on their comfort.
Our schedule for Shell Scripting Training is very flexible as we provide coaching in classroom and online for students.

Shellscript Course Content:

  • Introduction to shell scripts, what, why, where, how
  • Shell features, which one to choose
  • Variables ,Read and echo, shell variables, Special characters and comment.
  • Running a Script on the Command-line,different ways to run a script.
  • Running a Script from within vi, PATH and bin, Script Interpreters
  • Exercise and project
  • Displaying and using variables, command substitution, The Trouble with Quotes, line Control
  • Printing and formatting the output
  • Conditional command execution, Positional parameters
  • Creating positional parameters
  • Conditional substitution, True and False
  • if , else & elif Statements, case statements
  • Exercise and project
  • The while and until loop
  • The 'for' loop
  • Breaking out of a loop and continuing
  • Associative arrays,
  • Exercise and project
  • Program Structure
  • Defining and Calling a Function
  • Function Parameters
  • Function Return Values
  • Exercise and project
  • Command line parameter details
  • Command-line Control
  • Set and shift, evaluating twice
  • Usage messages
  • Debugging
  • Default Values for Variables, arithmetic evaluation using expr and let
  • Temporary Files
  • Preventing Abnormal Termination, signals and immortal scripts
  • File redirection revisited, merging streams, creating file handles.
  • Exercise and project.
  • Creating Database in Scripts, connecting to database
  • Sending commands to Server with Scripts, Formatting the received Output
  • Networking Tools, ping telnet, ftp, scp etc
  • Resolving IP Address,
  • Project and further readings
  • Sending Mails from scripts
  • Performing Backups
  • Managing User Accounts
  • Scheduling CRON jobs and sharing practical experience
  • Startup and shutdown
  • Managing disk space
  • Run levels
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