Python Django Training

Duration2 Months
Mode of TrainingOnline
Course Description

Python Django is a Web application framework written in Python programming language. It is based on the Model View Template (MVT). The Django is very demanding because of its fast development feature. Creating an application after collecting the customer's needs takes less time.
If you are a web developer or want to be one, then it is a good idea to know all the most advanced web frameworks that will help you build successful web applications and move one step further in your career. Learning Python Django is the best option for you to become a master in web developers, which is becoming the most popular day by day.

Pre Requisites
  • You must be familiar with the Python programming language.
  • Since Django is a Web infrastructure, you need to know how the Client / Server architecture works.
  • Make sure you understand the basics of the web stack: HTML / CSS / JS for the client
  • Django has an abstraction of the data persistence layer