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Pivotal Cloud Foundry Training

Course Content

  1. Introduction
    • Introductions
    • Course objectives
  2. Introduction to Cloud Technologies
    • What is the Cloud and Computing
    • Evaluation of Cloud
    • Understanding Architecture running with Physical
  3. Virtualization and Cloud
    • Cloud Advantages
    • Limitation of Cloud
  4. Different Types of cloud
    • Public
    • Private
    • Hybrid
  5. Cloud as Service
    • Distinguishing IaaS, PaaS and Saas
  6. Overview
    • Cloud Foundry overview
    • Introduction to Cloud Foundry concepts
  7. Getting Started With Cloud Foundry
    • Accessing a Cloud Foundry system
    • Understand UI (Web Service) and CLI
  8. Manage Access
    • What is an Organization?
    • Defining a User Role
    • Understanding Spaces
    • The importance of the Application
  9. Application development Process
    • Implementing logging
    • Accessing bound services
    • Using Spring and Spring Cloud to configure your application
    • Incorporating Spring Data, Spring Social, Spring Data
    • Using the command-line and web interfaces
  10. Deploying application on PCF
    • Deploying your first application using Spring Tool Suite (STS)
    • Examining logs
    • ZERO Downtime deployment
    • Blue Green Deployment
    • Adding and removing instances
  11. Auto scaling with CF
    • Vertical Scaling
    • Horizontal Scaling
  12. System Management
    • Debugging your application
    • Scaling applications under load
    • Defining a manifest
    • Using and creating Build-packs
    • Using and creating Services
    • Cloud Foundry Health Manager
  13. Application Architecture
    • Designing Cloud deployment
    • Interacting with hosts, ports, resources
    • Sessions and application state
    • Integrating the security service
  14. Cloud Foundry Architecture And Management
    • Cloud foundry architectural components
    • What is BOSH
    • How Cloud Foundry works
    • Manipulating underlying resources such as virtual machines rnand load-balancers
  15. CF Operations
    • Backing up and Restoring Pivotal Cloud Foundry
    • Upgrading Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  16. Troubleshooting
  17. Summary and Conclusion
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