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Microservices Training in Hyderabad

What is Microservices ?

Microservices are a technique to program development in which a huge application is designed as a collection of modular services. Each module can handle a particular business goal and uses a very simple, well-defined interface to express with other models of services.

What are the Requirements to learn Microservices?

  • Awareness of Java programming
  • Knowledge of newest editions of Spring Framework.
  • Ease for a concepts such as Application Context, Profiles, Rest Template, @Value, @Auto wired, @Component, Java Configuration, etc.
  • Fundamental knowledge on Maven.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Microservices
  • What are Microservices?
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Cloud
  • Spring Cloud Configuration - Centralized, Versioned Configuration
  • Spring Cloud Configuration
  • Spring Cloud Eureka - Service Discovery
  • Spring Cloud Ribbon - Client-Side Load Balancing
  • Spring Cloud Feign - Declarative REST Client
  • Using-Declarative-REST-Clients
  • Spring Cloud Hystrix - Circuit Breaker
  • Using-Hystrix-Circuit-Breakers
  • Spring Cloud Bus - Dynamic Configuration Changes
  • Using-Spring-Cloud-Bus
  • API Gateway - Purpose, and Spring Cloud Zuul
  • API Gateway - Caching Options
  • Version Control (GIT)
  • Git Commands Overview
  • GIT commands and github
  • Introduction to docker
  • Docker demo
  • Docker Architecture
  • Docker Images
  • Docker Volumes
  • Docker Hub
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Machine
  • Docker Machine Demo
  • Introduction to Container Orchestration
  • Kubernetes architecture overview
  • Kubernetes Procedures
  • Deploying container using Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes demo
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