Duration40 Days
Mode of TrainingOnline

Google Cloud Data Engineering Course Overview

The Google Cloud Data Engineering course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to become proficient in managing and administering Google Cloud Platform (GCP) resources. Participants will gain expertise in various key areas, including creating and managing virtual machine instances through Compute Engine, deploying containerized applications on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and utilizing Cloud Storage for object storage management.

GCP Data Engineering

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The course covers essential networking concepts, identity and access management using IAM, and security measures for data protection. Participants will also learn about monitoring, logging, as well as database management with Google Cloud SQL and Cloud Spanner. By the end of the course, attendees will be well-equipped to handle various tasks essential for successful GCP operations.

Course Prerequisites

Learn and enjoy the course to have an edge and transition in your career.

Course Curriculum

Hands-On-Format: This hands-on class is approximately 60/40 lab to lecture ratio, combining demos, examples and practical.