Full Stack - Mern - Online Training

Duration Regular: 2 Months
Crash: 30 Days
Mode of TrainingOnline
Suitable For:For Students, Freshers, Experiencd
What is Full Stack Web Development?

Full Stack Web Development refers to the development of both Front-end(Client-side) and Back-end(Server-side) of Web application.

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

A full stack developer is a person who is comfortable with all the levels of the web development, which includes data modeling, business logic, API, MVC, user experience, user interface, knowing the needs of customers, business enterprise and much more.

Technologies related to MERN Full Stack Web Development:
  • Front-End: HTML, CSS, Java Script, React, Styled Components, Materiak UI
  • Back-End: NodeJS
  • DataBase: MongoDB

Full Stack developer training is a specialized and job oriented short-term training course, which is appropriate for learners who wish to make a career in web development area. The individuals will learn to build complex server-side web applications using a highly effective relational databases tool to store data and develop a secure Linux dependent server network along with setting up cloud-based software hosting.

Full Stack Online Training Course

The full stack developer online training by Visualpath is offered by most well-known and qualified trainers with real-time knowledge. They will hone the possibilities of the students by giving them the appropriate and sufficient knowledge to lead a prosperous career ahead.

This course is designed for those who want to learn web design, front-end & back-end development. You will learn basic to advanced Web design principles, HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, and how to create interactive web experiences by utilizing JavaScript.

By taking this course you can design and implement a responsive site that utilizes tools to create a site that is accessible to a wide audience.

Key Highlights
  • Learn to develop high quality web sites that, work seamlessly on mobile, tablet, and large screen browsers
  • Learn how to add interactivity to web pages with Javascript
  • Learn to use the Document Object Model (DOM) to modify pages
  • Explain the mobile-first paradigm and the importance of wireframes in the design phase
  • Understand how to utilize existing design frameworks such as Bootstrap
Full Stack - MERN = Web Basics(HTML, CSS, Java Script) + React + Node + Express + MongDB + Cloud Deployment + Git/Github + Projects/Portfolio