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Best Openstack Online Training in Hyderabad

Visualpath in Hyderabad has outstanding and advanced training plans that will give you better efficiency & hands on practical experience. Our Openstack Training courses incorporate with numerous innovative learning techniques and delivery models.

OpenStack Pre-requisite:

Understanding with Linux commands and basic functionality of Linux
Knowledge with the works of Linux or Unix administrators


  • Visualpath offers you a world-class studying practical experience, whether you are a expert, looking for enhance your skills or a student, preparing for profession in IT.
  • High quality training provided by certified Trainers & course instructors of Openstack.
  • Course content created by industry professionals.
  • Provide one to one training
  • Certification planning by using simulators. 24X7 online Lab accessibility, assistance and help.
  • Physical and virtual practice LABs making use of the latest and sophisticated equipment.
  • Hands on practical experience with Equipment.
  • Question-answer training & interview preparation.

OpenStack Training Course Content

    • Introduction to OpenStack
    • The OpenStack Foundation
    • History of OpenStack
    • OpenStack's Technology Stack Overview
    • Production OpenStack Deployment
    • Storage Types in OpenStack
    • Cloud Controller Node
    • Compute Node
    • Network Node
    • Storage Node
    • OpenStack Cloud Architecture
  1. Keystone Fundamentals
    • RBAC
    • Policies
    • Domains
    • Project
    • Role
    • Service Catalog
  2. Neutron Fundamentals
    • Software
    • ML2 plugin
    • Production deployment architecture
  3. Neutron Virtual Network Topology & Security Groups
  4. Cinder Fundamentals
    • Volumes
    • Snapshots
    • Backups
    • Storage Pools
  5. Nova Software Architecture & Message Flows
  6. Nova keypair, flavor and instance
  7. Glance Fundamentals
    • Images
    • Image metadata
    • Disk format
    • Container Format
  8. Nova Fundamentals
    • Capabilities
    • Snapshots and Backups
  9. Glance Fundamentals
    • Images
    • Image metadata
    • Disk format
    • Container Format
  10. Heat Fundamentals
    • HOT
    • IaC and Template structure
  11. Swift Fundamentals
    • Objects
    • Containers and Accounts
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