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Advanced Excel with VBA Macro Training

The goal of our company is to offer Excel VBA training in Hyderabad to make the people professional in VBA. Our coaching in Excel VBA which is conducted in Hyderabad assists people to speed up many of their responsibilities in the areas of data analysis, reporting and in making ideal Financial Models. Our Instructors throughout the Advanced Excel Training in Hyderabad concentrate on educating the people about Visual Basic for Programs which is the program or the excel language developed by the Microsoft to automate the complicated, inflexible and regular tasks by Coding.
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a scripting terminology created by Microsoft which enables the advancement of user-defined performs and the automation of specific procedures and computations. VBA is designed into most Microsoft Office programs to extend their features. It can be used to handle several factors of the host program, which includes manipulating user interface functions, such as menus and toolbars, and operating with custom user forms or dialog boxes.
Visualpath has been integrated with many organizations for offering the best Excel VBA and macros Training in Hyderabad. Visualpath have conducted Excel VBA Macro Training for Corporate companies in India. We also conduct Excel Macro VBA Training Workshops in Hyderabad every month. Our trainer is professionals in Excel VB Programming and designed many Excel VBA Automation project for top level corporate's.

Advanced Excel with VBA Course Content:

Basic & Advanced Excel:

Creating Basic Excel worksheet

  • Creating a basic excel sheet and entering data in it
  • Work with cells
  • Formatting data or table
  • Formatting Excel worksheet
  • Search data in excel sheet manually or by filter
  • Sorting and custom sorting data
  • Removing duplicates
  • Alignment of data
  • Merging the cells
  • Boarders
  • Formatting worksheet tabs
  • Conditional formatting
  • Apply Number formatting
  • Hide/Unhide Sheets
  • Protect sheets
  • Lock cells
  • Data Validation
  • Insert Pitures
  • Insert shapes
  • Hyperlinks
  • Add Comments
  • Excel Short cuts
  • Create basic formulas(Sum,min,max,len,left,right,concatenate)
  • Copy formulas and functions
  • Advanced formulas/Function
    • Lookup, Vlookup, Hlookup
    • Today(),now()
    • Index ,match
    • Left,right,mid,find,mid
    • Concatenate
    • Logical functions(And,Or,Not)
    • If function
    • Iserror,ifna,iferror
    • Count if, Count ifs, Sumif, Sumifs, CountA,Sub total
    • Sum product


  • Inserting pivot tables
  • Inserting pivot charts
  • Inserting charts
  • Inserting slicers
  • Creating dashboards with interlinking
  • Grouping the charts

Excel VBA Course Content

  • Introduction to VBA
  • Recording macro and giving short cut name
  • Running the macros
  • Editing macro in Visual Basic editor
  • Understanding the development environment
  • Closing the visual basic editor
  • Macro security& password protection

Working with Procedures and functions

  • Modules
  • Creating a standard module
  • Understanding procedures
  • Creating a sub procedure
  • Calling procedures
  • Using the immediate window to calling the procedures
  • Creating a functions
  • Naming procedures
  • Working with the code editor

Understanding Objects

  • About objects
  • Excel object hierarchy
  • Understanding collections
  • Using the object browser
  • Working with properties
  • Working with methods
  • Creating an events

Using expressions, variables, functions

  • Declaring variables
  • Understanding data types
  • Working with variable scope
  • Using the if conditions
  • For loop through columns, rows
  • Do loop, do until
  • Select caseā€¦ end
  • Project


  • Understanding userform buttons
  • Creating sample form
  • Userform project

Working with PivotTable Object

  • Understanding pivot tables
  • Creating a PivotTable using worksheet data
  • Working with a pivot table objects

Debugging Code

  • Understanding errors
  • Setting Breakpoints
  • Stepping through code

Error Handlings

  • Types of errors
  • On error Goto 0
  • On error Resume Next
  • On error Goto [label]
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