Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

→ PART I - Overview

  • Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Setup and Common tasks
  • Managing Security and information access
  • Role-based and object-based security
  • Security principals
  • Access rights
  • Impersonation
  • Using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK to perform security-related operations
  • Direct SQL access for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Encrypting Microsoft Dynamics CRM data
  • Entity Customization
  • Concepts and Attributes
  • Forms and Views
  • Relationships, Custom Entities and Site map
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Workflow
  • Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook

→ PART II – Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Overview of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDK
  • Accessing the APIs in Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Using the CRM Service Web Service
  • Using the Metadata Service Web Service
  • Using the CrmDiscoveryService Web Service
  • Form Scripting and Extensions
  • Form scripting overview

→ Calling Web services from script

  • Using the CRM API SOAP request from script
  • Testing and deployment
  • Scripting from ISV.Config buttons
  • Advanced topics, including form type considerations, cross-site scripting, using script for validation, and loading external script files
  • Script examples
  • Plug-ins
    • Writing your first plug-in
    • The event execution pipeline
    • Details of the ‘IPluginExecutionContext’ interface
    • Unit testing plug-ins
    • Real-world plug-in samples Exception handling
    • Deploying plug-ins
    • Debugging plug-ins
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