Mean Stack Training

Duration8 weeks
Mode of TrainingClassroom/Online
Course Introduction

Mean Stack has given a modern approach to web development that applies to all levels of your application. Mean is a combination of a group of technologies that synergizes well and Mean means "MongoDB Express.js AngularJS Node.js". The Node.js file saves us from learning a separate language because it allows us to use JavaScript in front-end and back-end interfaces. In a middle stack with NoSQL, the nature of MongoDB allows you to build a product with clear attributes and, without worrying about migrations, you can change and modify data layers.

Being a front-end web developer you want to give next level to your career as full-stack web developer. Visualpath's full-stack training is the ultimate choice. Where you’ll become an expert at front and back-end JavaScript with other more technologies of MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js) Stack. Learn to create applications from very begining to scalable and robust deployable application.