Knowledge of Java programming
Knowledge of latest versions of Spring Framework. Familiarity with concepts such as ApplicationContext, Profiles, RestTemplate, @Value, @Autowired, @Component, Java Configuration, etc. Basic familiarity with Maven,Gradle

Introduction to Microservices (2 DAYS)

What are Microservices?

Introduction to docker (5 DAYS)

  • Docker demo
  • Docker Architecture
  • Docker Images
  • Docker Volumes
  • Docker Hub
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Machine
  • Docker Machine Demo

Deployment Automation (5 DAYS)

  • Introduction to Ansible
  • Ansible varibales
  • Ansible Playbooks
  • Introduction to RESTful Web Services (3 DAYS)

    RESTful Web Services

    Introduction to Spring Boot (3 DAYS)

    Spring Boot

    Introduction to Spring Cloud (5 DAYS)

    • Spring Cloud
    • Spring Cloud Configuration - Centralized, Versioned Configuration
    • Spring Cloud Configuration
    • API Gateway - Purpose, and Spring Cloud Zuul
    • API Gateway - Caching Options

    Version Control (GIT) (2 DAYS)

    • Git Commands Overview
    • GIT commands and github

    Live project on github using above learning (5 DAYS)

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