SAP BPC Online Training

BPC - Overview

→ Architecture Overview

  • LandScape
  • Terminology
  • Application Set (AppSet) Management
  • Dimension Management
  • Creating/Modifying Applications
  • User Management
  • Security

→ BPC - Office

  • BPC for Excel
  • BPC for WEB

→ Data Management

  • Data Manager Overview
  • Packages
  • Transformations & Conversions
  • Loading Master Data from BI
  • Loading Transaction Data from BI
  • Loading Transaction Data from Flat File

→ Planning & Reporting using EVDRE

  • Introduction to EVDRE
  • Input Schedules - Basic
  • Usage Excel Functions (EV based Functions)
  • Formatting
  • Report Building - Basic
  • Work with real time data in WORD,PPT and WEB "LIVE REPORTS"

→ Working with Logic & Script Logic

  • Dimension Logic
  • Script Logic

→ Miscellaneous

  • Business Process Flows
  • Work Status
  • Drill through to ERP
  • Distributor & Collection
  • Transport
  • Validations
  • Activity & Data Audit
  • BADIs
  • Logging
  • Comments
  • BPC 7.5NW vs EPM 10.0 NW


→ Mo Data Model – Overview and understanding of structure and underlying BW objects. Students will gain an understanding of how BPC BW objects are created and managed from BPC and data flows between BW and BPC BI objects.

→ BPC Administration: Environment & Models – Students will learn how Environments and Models are created in BPC.

→ BPC Administration: Dimensions & Dimension Members – Students will learn how to create / maintain dimensions and dimension properties as well as creation of dimension members via the BPC administration client.

→ BPC Administration: Security: Students will learn the BPC security concept and learn to create BPC security by maintaining, Teams and Member Access Profiles in BPC.

→ BPC Administration:Script (high level): Students will learn the basic concepts behind BPC script logic. They will gain a basic understanding of how BPC uses script logic to manipulate data.

→ Work Status: Students will learn to create and manage work status via BPC administration client. They will also learn how to set work status and view reporting on the current work state.

→ Business Process Flows: Students will learn to create and execute Business Process Flows.

→ Data Manager:Load transaction and master data from BW or Flat File – Students will learn how to create data manager packages to load both transaction data and master data into BPC from BW Cubes and Info-objects as well as flat files.

→ Data Manager: Transformation Files / Conversion Files – Students will learn to create and maintain transformation and conversion files used in data manager processes for moving data into and out of BPC.

→ Reporting and Input schedules - Students will learn to use the EPM Excel Client to generate input schedules and reports. They will gain an understanding of the various options within the EPM client for Excel these reports. Additionally they will learn other techniques used within the excel client to generate reporting and retrieve data.


  • Consolidation/Ownership Models
  • Dimensions/Members/Properties
  • Ownership Manager
  • Currency Translation
  • Consolidation of Investments(Equity & Proportional Methods)
  • Inter Company Eliminations (Receivables/Payables/US Eliminations)
  • Consolidation Cockpit
  • Control Settings
  • Journals
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